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Oney is actually funny.

Happy birthday.

The difference between Oney and HotDiggedyDemon.

Happy madness day

2010-09-22 02:20:09 by BobtehLog


no flash from me. too lazy

Still can't find Castle Crashers in the PSN. Anyone else having this issue?

I feel like Tom has lied to me.

Click apparel, mens shirts, and it's the tofu one.

These types of shirts are simply amazing, why didn't anyone tell me about this earlier?

Oh, and here is the image incase you're too lazy to look for it on the site.

So I brought a really neat shirt off Behemoth.

a picture of a man with a roadcone on his head running somewhere? I suppose they did say to take the art portal seriously...

It's still in the art portal if you want to see it. Sadly, you'll have to go through my profile to look at it. g.aspx?id=274622678

check it out!!


2010-02-10 20:58:01 by BobtehLog


Finally another Fancy Dog

2009-12-08 00:11:35 by BobtehLog

Too bad it's crappy ):

Don't let it stop you from watching the others though!


2009-09-24 06:08:32 by BobtehLog


Fancy Dog 15 released~

2009-07-03 23:58:45 by BobtehLog

Pretty much the same with a new menu, preloader and intro due to file loss earlier this year.

cool right?